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Due to marketing campaigns which involved famous sportsmen chewing on tobacco, this activity is quite popular today, regardless of the health dangers it can potentially cause. Namely, numerous people, including children opt for this smokeless tobacco consumption in order to enjoy the taste and the action itself. Yet, tobacco chewing is not healthier than smoking. Rather, it is the other way around, it is even more dangerous.

Effects of Smokeless Tobacco Consumption

Basically, mouth and throat cancer are the most common outcomes of smokeless tobacco usage in the long run. Contrary to people with lung cancer, who may conceal their illness, individuals with mouth cancer need to undergo severe, debilitating surgeries where their jawbone, tongue or other parts may have to be taken out. Moreover, regardless of this procedure, the life expectancy for mouth cancer is minimal, measured in months.

Quitting smokeless tobacco may seem easy. In fact, seven days away from nicotine and your body will be cleansed. However, it is the mind that gets heavily addicted, demanding more time in order to overcome the dependency which has been created, often disallowing people to quit this negative habit completely.

Why Do People Use Smokeless Tobacco?

Most people indulge into enjoying smokeless tobacco due to the fact that it makes them relaxed and happy. This effect is the same as the one baby gets when it receives a bottle. All the stress and the frustrations get diverted and pleasure takes over. So, smokeless tobacco acts as a pacifier, creating this subconscious connection with relaxation and pleasure.

Next, through using smokeless tobacco, people create a conditioned response. Just like the Pavlov experiment with dogs where the bell was a sign for food which the animal got used to, if your subconscious mind creates a connection between, for example, baseball and smokeless tobacco, you will desire this product each time you play the sport.

Usually, the addiction is in 90% of people mental.

How Can You Quit?

Simply, since one’s current habits created connections with the smokeless tobacco, these factors need to be removed and exchanged for something healthy. Self hypnosis and NLP, both can help a person get rid of this nasty habit before it is too late. If the addiction takes place during a certain activity, it can be swapped for something productive and positive. Alternatively, your subconscious mind can be modified so that your addiction and the pleasure you get from smokeless tobacco become nothing but disgust and awfulness, helping you quit.

All in all, you do not need to gain weight in order to quit smokeless tobacco use. Rather, all you need is to modify the subconscious mind of yours, so that it gets free from the addiction easily. NLP and self-hypnosis can help you greatly.

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