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There Is a Difference

There are two basic types of hypnosis, covert and overt. Overt hypnosis is used for manipulating your subconscious mind into quitting certain habits or overcome fears. Therefore, even though the person who undergoes the therapy is not completely aware of its effectiveness, certain things have to take place in order for this type of hypnosis to be possible.

For example, the patient needs to be seated or to assume any position which might provide him/her with complete relaxation. Quiet and serene atmosphere is also a must. Then, once these conditions have been satisfied, the therapist usually uses specific words and sentence patterns in order to open your subconscious mind for suggestions. Finally, once you are in a state of trance, the therapist implants thoughts into your subconsciousness, helping you deal with phobias, habits, addictions etc.

Covert hypnosis, on the other hand, hypnotizes you without you being aware of the process. Namely, this type of hypnosis requires conversation as well. Thus, you will not be in a state of trance. Rather, you will simply be exposed to certain words which can open your subconsciousness.

So, salespeople or other people who desire to change your mind, manipulating you, use covert hypnosis for their own benefit. Basically, they use this type of hypnosis to convince you to do or not do something.

How To Use Covert Hypnosis?

Firstly, before any other steps of this hypnosis are possible, the target person needs to trust you. This is best achieved through previous conversations. Thus, once you set up a relationship with a person, he/she is likely to be more relaxed around you and more open to suggestions.

Then, you should say something completely unrelated to the topic of your current discussion. Furthermore, you may even say something shocking or unusual. Once the subject reacts positively and agrees with your statement, you can move to implanting ideas.

During the suggestion period, the target is likely to be unaware of the hypnosis process taking place.

Body language, intentional gestures and facial expressions are very important for the success of the covert hypnosis session. You need to go through the process flawlessly, not showing even the smallest sign of hidden intentions.

Even though many people use this for their own benefit, covert hypnosis may be used for helping people deal with their addictions, negative habits and other personal problems as well. Therefore, it can serve a good purpose, being equally useful as the therapeutic, overt hypnosis.

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