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New drugs
There are some medications that are very promising, but still not approved by the FDA. This article will provide information on those medications. Only a few of you probably heard about them, but in the next five years, almost everyone would know about these drugs. That is of course, if they meet our expectations and do not cause serious side effects.
List of promising drugs
One of the medications that we eagerly expect to make a difference is Byetta once weekly. Byetta decreases blood glucose level, affects on markers that are responsible for diabetes and reduces appetite. Studies have shown that 75% of diabetics who took this medicine lost weight. This medicine is approved but in a form where it is injected two times per day. The new form, Byetta once weekly, is still waiting for approval to be launched to the market.Stelara should help those who suffer from psoriasis. Studies showed that this medicine was helpful in 2/3 of sufferers and it decreased 75% of affected areas. This medication has another advantage, which refers to the fact that it should be injected only five times per year, which makes it very convenient.Another drug that will probably become popular is Valdoxan. It is intended for the treatment of depressive patients and it is the first antidepressant that works on melatonin. That is why the chances that unwanted effects will appear are much lower than with other antidepressants. It is known that depression has become a major problem in the society and the prognosis is that the number of people suffering from depression will even increase in the future.Provenge is a new medicine that is used for treating prostate cancer. However, this drug is not approved by the FDA and it will probably take some time for this medicine to come to the market. This is due to its complex effect on the body. Despite the fact that this study showed it is effective in increasing life expectancy. Hopefully, this medicine will come to the market and help those who suffer from prostate cancer to live longer. One more drug that we want to mention is Apixaban. It is helpful in the treatment of cardiovascular conditions such as thrombosis and heart attack. Lyrica is a medicine helpful for those who suffer from anxiety, severe pain and convulsions. It has the same effects such as benzodiazepines, but its advantage is that it is less addictive. There are some other medications that are waiting for the FDA approval and we honestly hope that they will make a difference and contribute to the humankind.

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