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Levitra vardenafil – the use and benefits

Levitra vardenafil is a medication primarily used by men, to treat erectile dysfunction. It is very efficient but needs to be taken about an hour before sexual activity, for best results. It can only be obtained if the doctor prescribes it, which means that it is not one of the medications that are available over the counter. This medication has the ability to increase the flow of the blood to the penis, thus helping a man to achieve or maintain erection, to have a harder erection, to experience more frequent orgasms and to enjoy the intercourse much more. When compared to Viagra, for example, a significant advantage of Levitra vardenafil lies in the fact that smaller dosage of this medication is necessary, as well as that it stays in the body for approximately 5 hours.

Who should be cautious before using Levitra vardenafil?

This medication has to be prescribed by a medical doctor and it should not be used by unless the patient has been approved for it.. There is a list of health conditions that may cause a doctor to decline prescribing this medication, such as people who suffer from some kind of a heart problem or hypertension, those who take nitroglycerine, or those who need dialysis due to some kidney problem, because the side effects might be dangerous Also, people who have problems with the liver, vision, stomach ulcers, bleeding, as well as those who suffer from leukemia, allergy or any kind or multiple myeloma, should only use this medication after getting a doctor's approval. Precaution is necessary when the patient is already taking medications such as alpha-blockers, antifungals, protease inhibitors, because it is necessary to adjust the dosages, or to avoid certain combinations in order to prevent possible interactions. In general, the greatest majority of the most commonly experienced side effects is not serious, but those that occur rarely are more than severe, which is why it is necessary to do everything possible in order to prevent them.

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