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In the world of fertility impairment, a couple has many options to choose from in terms of treatment. Two of the most commonly prescribed drugs are Clomid and Femara, both of which are typically designed for women experiencing trouble trying to conceive and may have ovulation problems. Femara is a drug which is used to treat female breast cancer in postmenopausal women, while Clomid is a medication used strictly for infertility.

Infertility drugs Clomid vs. Femara is a topic that many women have questions about, and when considering everything there is to know about each medication in terms of the ability to induce ovulation, a person should do as much research as possible. Early research studies have indicated that Femara is at least as effective as Clomid for treating infertility. However, further research indicated something even more startling, Femara was able to help women that have been taking Clomid, but still had not conceived. There have been several studies addressing the efficacy of each medication in relation to each other, but nothing definite has been determined.

Infertility drugs Clomid vs. Femara studies also indicated that Femara could be an advantage to those women previously taking Clomid, but had not ovulated. Some women considered to be Clomid-resistant can benefit from trying a regimen of Femara in order to induce the body to ovulate. When trying to conceive, Femara is also thought to cause less negative effects on the cervical mucus and uterine thickness when compared to Clomid. Because Clomid has been so commonly prescribed and there have been so many studies involved, many healthcare practitioners and fertility specialists feel more self-assured and confident in prescribing it to women.

Though Clomid has been used for decades, many fertility specialists are now being more open to the idea of prescribing Femara. An advantage of Clomid is that the drug is available in a generic form and can be cheaper in comparison to using Femara for infertility treatment. When considering all the options available about how to get pregnant there are many reasons to hold out hope. Some women will have success with Clomid, while for others another type of medication may be needed. Femara appears to be a very promising medication for those that may have tried Clomid and not been able to conceive and can allow a couple to welcome a much wanted baby into their life.

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