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One of the cancers of the modern age is a lymphoma. Thistext deals with the new method of treatment that has proved to be veryefficient. Follicular lymphoma is a form of a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. This typeof lymphoma appears in almost 15% of all cases. A new drug that has beenintroduced in this text is called Bexxar, and a study on this drug wasconducted. In the study, patients who weren’t previously treated from follicularlymphoma didn’t have a relapse after this. This new therapy is a combination ofcancer-killing antibodies and radiation. The advantages of Bexxar are that theradiation isn’t so strong and the immunity system is able to undergo the therapyneeded in order to destroy the cancer cells. Bexxar is given through transfusionand the antibodies give strength to the immune system to fight the cancer.

Researches and studies

Researcher Mark Kaminski, MD, professor of internal medicineat the University Of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center in Ann Arbor has nothing but words of appraisal for this newtreatment. The pros of Bexxar is that it has very little toxicity contrary tothe orthodox way of treatment, which consists of a high level of toxicity, and which while destroying the cancer, also destroys the immune system of the patient.

FDA approved Bexxar in 2003 and it has been used since then inpatients who didn’t responds to the regular ways of treatment of lymphomacancer. In the study that was conducted, participants were 76 people who were inthe advanced stage of follicular lymphoma and they weren’t subjected to anyform of treatment. During the period of 8 years, they were given Bexxartreatment for one week in a month and their treatment has been monitored. Theresults were extraordinary: 95% of the patients involved responded to thetreatment, and in 75% of the cancer disappeared completely.

How does Bexxar functions?

Bexxar is something like a missile and when it is giventhrough infusion, it looks for malignant cells. Once it finds them, itdestroys them, leaving the healthy tissue. Other doctors ensure us that thisnew drug is a second chance for people who suffer from follicularlymphoma. Kaminski advises the patients to be aware of this new type oflymphoma treatment and talk it over with their oncologists. We have to be opento all new discoveries and if they prove to be good, embrace them.

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