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It is a well known fact that acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique which is used as a part of the treatment of a number of health conditions. It consists of inserting the needles which are very thin into the skin, and in this way, specific body points are being stimulated. More precisely, according to the Chinese medicine theory, in this way the flow of the vital energy is regulated and this energy is termed as qi. It flows along the Meridians, which are the pathways. The treatment needs to be done by a professional acupuncture practitioner in order to be painless and effective.

Acupuncture as a method of relieving the pain

Today acupuncture is accepted as a method of treatment all over the world and besides the fact that it helps with a number of symptoms, it can also help with pain. It is less probable that those who are in any kind of pain will think of acupuncture as a possible solution, but the truth is that certain studies done in 2007 proved that acupuncture is the most helpful in alleviating pain in joints, neck, and back, as well as pain caused by migraines or some other type of a headache. Recurring pain can also be treated rather successfully by acupuncture.

Given that this technique is considered to be safe when an experienced practitioner performs it, there is no need to worry about possible risks and complications because they happen extremely rarely in such cases. Besides, when compared to other methods of treatment of conditions that cause these kinds of pain, particularly when compared to medications, it is obvious that the number of possible side effects is significantly lower.

Scientific evidence

The efficacy of acupuncture in cases of people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome is not confirmed, even though the initial results were promising.

When fibromyalgia is in question, the reviews are different, and while some are promising, others do not confirm that acupuncture is beneficial in such cases. The same could be said for cases of headaches and migraines, because the evidence is also conflicting. As far as low back pain is concerned, acupuncture should definitely be considered as an alternative solution, particularly in cases of those patients who do not respond well to the conventional methods and who suffer from chronic low back pain. Pain in the neck can be relieved by acupuncture, and even though further research is needed, so far it seems that this technique can provide better results than some others. Patients who suffer from osteoarthritis can definitely benefit from acupuncture, particularly if the knee is affected.

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