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When your baby was just born, you might have been surprised at the number of times they pooped. A poopy diaper up to 12 times a day is perfectly normal! But newborns can also get constipated, and that can be a scary thing to deal with! What do you do when your newborn hasn't pooped in a while and is showing signs of constipation like crying, having a red face with that typical "need to poop" expression?

Fruits like plums, pear, and prunes get bowels moving. They are perfectly suitable for older babies, but when you have a newborn and are breastfeeding, drinking the juices of these fruits yourself may help your baby poo. Remember that no having had a bowel movement for a while does not necessarily indicate constipation the other symptoms should also be present, and the poo tends to be hard when it is really constipation. Don't worry if your baby has not had a poo one or even two days, especially while breastfeeding. Do check how often they are peeing, because you don't want dehydration! Try gently massaging your baby's tummy, and moving his legs about in a cycling movement. The "bicycle" can help your baby relax the relevant muscles and encourage what needs to come out to move down! And this exercise might even be something that babies enjoy. Did you know that formula-fed babies are much more prone to constipation than their breastfed little pals? Some formulas might make this happen for your baby more than others. Try a different kind of formula. If you are not sure where to start, consult your doctor for some advice. In extreme cases, you can insert a thermometer into your baby's rectum to help him poo. If you are unsure, please talk to your doctor. And in even more extreme cases, pediatricians can prescribe laxatives suitable for infants.

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