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Crib shopping is not that hard right? They're basically all the same. The same size, serve the same purpose, and look very similar. But shopping for your baby's crib is not quite as straight forward as it sounds. We've been there, done that (and the crib that was used for two babies was recently packed up and is now sitting in the garage!) and we have tips to help new parents to be who are about to go baby shopping.

How to pick a crib you'll be happy with?

Where are you planning on putting the crib? Many new parents want to have the baby crib in their bedroom, at least in the first few months. While cribs have the same size on the inside, there are many varieties and some are much larger on the outside. If you want to put the crib in a small space, make sure you measure the area before buying. While you are still pregnant with your first, it's probably hard to think about your crib lasting through several children but if you are hoping to have other kids in the future, consider whether it is sturdy enough for the long term, and whether you think it can cope with being taken apart and put together multiple times. In the US, cribs have to adhere to certain strict standards to make sure they are safe. Still, check the quality of your crib, whether they are sharp bits, and what materials it is made of (any toxins?). Does your crib fit in with the color scheme of your nursery or bedroom? Is it gender neutral enough to be suitable for a future child of the opposite gender too? Or if you are going to keep your baby's gender a surprise until birth, is the crib suitable for boys and girls?

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