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Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular andavailable, and an interesting thing is that women are not the onlygender who enjoys its benefits. The increasing popularity of this method of lookingyounger and more beautiful might have something to do with the fact that it is moreavailable today than before. This is partly due to the growing number ofplastic surgeons and their private clinics, and partly due to the fact that theprices are not as high as they used to be at the beginning. However, what manyare not aware of, or not willing to be aware of, refers to the negative aspectsof this procedure, because there certainly are some risks involved, as well asnegative effects, which do not necessarily have to happen, but which arepossible.

Negative effects of cosmetic surgery

Negative effects include side effects, risks, emotionaleffects and costs. The side effects depend on the procedure, but mostfrequently present are pain that last longer than predicted, headaches andnausea. Inflammation or bruising of the area in which the procedure was done isalso possible, although none of these side effects have to be present. Even ifthey do occur, they go away after a while. As for the risks, they arepractically similar to the risks of every other surgery procedure, with the exceptionof visible scarring, which is something that the greatest majority of patientsdo not think about in advance. The scars might be reduced or corrected laterwith another procedure, but this does not necessarily have to work in every case.On the other side, even though these surgeries are done for cosmetic reasons,there is a possibility that the outcome will be fatal and that the patient willdie.

As far as negative emotional and psychological effects ofcosmetic surgery are concerned, the truth is that they are particularlyconcerning. Many patients undergo this kind of surgery in order to fix some visibleproblem that affects their looks, but the real truth is that behind this problemthere is a bigger one, which is usually psychological in nature and which doesnot need a surgery to be solved. Since the real problem is usually still presentafter the first procedure, some of the patients keep coming back in a need of otherprocedures. On the other side, some patients might have too high expectations,which will lead to their disappointment and possibly to a number of other problems afterthe surgery, among which are anxiety and even depression.

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