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Cosmetic Ear Surgery - Introduction

Cosmetic ear surgery is a surgical procedure with a goal to reduce the size of the ears or to repair the protrusion of the ears. All the abnormalities in the structure of the ears can be easily fixed. This type of cosmetic surgery can drastically help and boost patients' self-esteem which has been ruined with the unsightly appearance of their ears.

The results of the surgery are best if it is performed in children. The most suitable age for the operation is 14. Still some people choose to have an operation in their adulthood. Majority of them has already gone through puberty and have been exposed to jokes and teasing of their peers. These patients will never be entirely satisfied with the appearance of their ears and this can be easily explained by emotional problems they have developed over the years.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery- the Very Procedure

Prior the surgery the patients will discuss with the surgeon all the expectations and what can actually be achieved. In reshaping of the ears a surgeon can use several approaches. He/she can reshape the cartilage by cutting it or folding and further stitching of the cartilage. The surgical procedure lasts approximately 2 or 3 hours and in children it is performed under general anesthesia while adults are most commonly administered only local anesthetics. Generally, the patients are not hospitalized and they are released soon after the surgery. Still in children spending one night at the hospital can be advisable and is mostly preferred. Adults who are released are recommended to come with relatives or friends who will drive them home and spend the first night with them.

After the Surgery

Since, the head of the patient is covered in bandages he/she must strictly follow doctor's rule and take good care of bandage to avoid complications and ensure desirable results and recovery. The patient needs to follow doctor's instructions especially when it comes to a care of bandages during night.

The surgeon will remove bandages at the first postoperative appointment and may insist on additional wearing of headband-type dressing. During this appointment the stitches are removed. The scar is always visible right after the surgery but it will fade over time.

Complications of Cosmetic Ear Surgery

The most common complications of cosmetic ear surgery are infection at the incision site and formation of blood clots. They occur rarely. Swelling and pain regularly occur and they withdraw after certain period of time.

The patients are generally very satisfied with the results.

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