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Blepharoplasty as a surgery procedure

Since the inevitable process of aging leaves marks which are particularly visible on face, the eyes are probably affected the most. The advancement of medicine provides solutions for those marks, of which some are even in the form of more or less invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. Blepharoplasty is one of the methods that help people get rid of bags that tend to form under the eyes, as well as excess skin that tends to appear on the upper eyelids. It is also called an eye lift, and besides the fact that it is primarily done for aesthetic reasons, it can also be done in patients who have problems with vision due to the sagging of the upper eyelids. However, what everyone should be aware of in advance is that this kind of procedure cannot remove wrinkles or dark circles under the eyes.

Risks and possible complications associated with blepharoplasty

Even though it is considered as a minor surgery procedure, some risks are certainly involved, and despite the fact that they do not occur frequently, it is good to be aware of them in advance. Besides bleeding or infection, which are the risks associated with every single surgery procedure, the eyelids of the person who undergoes blepharoplasty can become discolored abnormally. A temporary complication is blurred vision, but this is not a reason for concern unless it is present for more than a few days.

Another possibility is that the skin on the eyelids will fold in an abnormal way, or that the person will not be able to close the eyes properly. Even if this problem occurs, it will probably not be permanent (although that possibility is not excluded either), because it happens due to the presence of scars and it goes away as soon as they heal. The loss of vision might also be one of the negative effects of this procedure, as well as pulling of the lower lids downwards, which will call for another surgery in order for the problem to be corrected.

This all implies the importance of finding a qualified surgeon, the one who will be skilled, experienced and trusted at the same time. Still, even when such a surgeon has been found, it does not mean that the complication of some kind might not happen. Aside from this, it is important to follow the instructions after the procedure is done, because that way the risks and chances of facing a complication will be reduced.

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