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What is keyhole surgery?

There are a lot of people who have heard of this surgical procedure but do not know what it is. Keyhole surgery is also known as a laparoscopic surgery. This is a surgical procedure without the large incision. There are various types of operations which can be performed with a keyhole surgery. There is no fixed time how long does this surgery last but in most cases it lasts between half an hour and four hours.

The advantages

This procedure is good because the children recover quicker, have a tiny scar and experience few side effects, if any.

The risks

People should know that every anesthetic has a chance of certain risks. However, that chance is not a big one. In most cases, the children will experience headache, sickness and may vomit for a while but none of these side effects lasts for a long time. Sore throat is also possible and so is dizziness. Shoulder pain is also a possibility after the operation. A majority of the possible side effects does not require specialized care. People should also be aware that a keyhole surgery cannot be used in every situation and on every child.

Alternatives to keyhole surgery

Every procedure which is performed with a keyhole surgery can also be performed with an open surgery.

Before and after the surgery

Every parent will know upfront what awaits his or her child before and after the surgery. In most cases, the child should not consume any foods and fluids some time before the surgery. Following the instructions is important in order for the surgery not to be cancelled. The doctor will tell the parent everything about the surgery. A parent should tell the doctor about any medical problems a child might be suffering from. In some cases there is need for special preparation before the surgery. Once the surgery is over, the child will be transferred to the ward in order to recover. The child will have some pain reliefs all the time.

What to do when a child is back at home?

The doctor will prescribe a pain relief for the parents to give their children at home. A child should not be bathed for two days after the surgery in order for the wound to settle down. Infections are a possibility, so the child should be on antibiotics for a while. Six weeks after the surgery the child should go for a checkup and back to school once he or she is feeling well. The parents should contact hospital in cases when a child is in a lot of pain, the wound is red and inflamed or there is oozing from it.

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