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Neck pain
Pain in the neck is a problem that usually becomes more frequent with age and it is grown-ups, especially, the elderly, who have had to deal with it. Nowadays more and more children are having this type of problem and they shouldn’t be taken lightly as they can represent a sign of a more serious issue. However, one should not be immediately alarmed as it can also be just a harmless, temporary issue that will pass on its own.

What causes neck pain in children?

One of the most common causes of the pain in the neck in children is a simple strain. This strain can occur in any situation, from turning the head too suddenly to keeping it in the same position that is not very natural for it for a long period of time, for example while watching television.

Another probable, but far more dangerous cause of neck pain in kids is meningitis. Meningitis is the inflammation in the brain that can be fatal if it’s not discovered in a timely manner. The kind of pain it provokes in the neck is the one that doesn’t allow them to look down to their feet because of the connection of the spinal cord to the brain.

A very frequent problem that the majority of children have and that is sure to lead to neck pain is irregular posture. Children tend to ignore worrying about the importance of proper posture at all times and they spend a lot of time bent over tables at school, in front of computers or while doing homework, even while playing at home. When all this is taken into consideration, the amount of time spent in a position that is completely unnatural for the neck turns out to be quite enormous, so it is no wonder that they end up experiencing some pain in the neck area.

Aside from these, neck pain can be caused if the pillow the child sleeps on or the position they sleep in is inadequate. Also, school bags whose weight is not equally divided on both shoulders will also put pressure on the neck. Finally, stress is another possible cause.

How is neck pain in children treated?

When deciding how to treat neck pain in children, the most important thing to do is make sure that the issue in question is not meningitis. After that, depending on the intensity of the pain, the child might need to take some painkillers.

Also, some cloths soaked in warm and cold water can also help. After the child has some immediate relief, it is advised to try to determine the possible cause of the pain in case it is something like an inadequate pillow, as that problem can be easily solved.

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