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Whenit comes to nausea, it can be said that it is quite common in many aches anddiseases as accompaniment. As far as nausea itself is concerned, it refers tothat unpleasant sickening feeling, followed by the raising in the levels ofbile all the way up to the throat and the mouth of a person in question. It isexperienced in the stomach area and the stomach itself, and can induce vomiting,as well as dizziness and heartburn. The severity of nausea is of variablenature.

ConditionsCharacterized by Nausea as one of the Manifestations

Thereexist a lot of conditions and diseases that have nausea at the top of themanifestations list. But only a couple of them include nausea in their constantand unrelenting form, as a manifestation. Those are the following:

Overeating is a condition that causes the occurrence of instantaneous pressure to the stomach zone and the digestive system, making it extremely difficult for them to cope with all the great amount of food a person has taken in. It is just impossible for our digestive system to be that overloaded at once and cope with it appropriately. Due to this inability, the food that is taken in prior, is unfortunately not dissolved and digested as it should be, which only marks the onset of the pain in the stomach, as well as intense nausea. Therefore, if you do not seek to experience this, mind your eating, and most of all, your overeating.Pregnancy – though it is considered to be a blissful period of every woman’s life, pregnancy is the state that is always accompanied by nausea, no matter what. And especially in the morning hours. Given the fact that a woman’s body undergoes immense changes during this period of time, what also changes is the hormonal levels, as well as the levels of other body chemicals, which unavoidably leads to the occurrence of nausea and vomiting as well.Food Poisoning – just like its name indicates, this condition happens as a direct consequence of food contamination, due to which there occurs a release of toxins into the body’s system that causes intense cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and weakness, and of course nausea.

Amongthe rest of the conditions and illnesses that are characterized by nausea are such as migraines, failure of the kidneys, flu, motionsickness, GERD, injury to the head, diabetes, menstruation, diarrhea,alcoholism, bulimia, and brain cancer to name but the most common ones.

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