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In children under the age of 6 the normal glucose level is 100-180mg/dl, while kids between the 6 and 12 years should have 80-180mg/dl sugar in their blood. Glucose in the blood is made of the food that we take in our body, and insulin is the hormone that helps our cells to use this sugar. Therefore, this hormone is essential for the amount of sugar in our blood. It was first believed that the diabetes strikes only those who are in their adulthood, but today we know that kids also suffer from this condition.

Tests for sugar levels in blood

Today there is a possibility to measure glucose level at home with the help of some tests that are easy to use. If the level of the sugar in the blood is decreased or increased, it will affect our health. Kids who have diabetes or are under the risk to suffer from this problem should use tests for measuring sugar levels in their blood four times per day. It is recommended to do these tests before every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and after dinner.

Normal glucose levels in children

Kids who don’t have diabetes have 70-100mg/dl glucose in their bloodstream. However, this level is not the same for children of all age. The difference is that those kids who are under 6 years old should have 100-180 mg/dl glucose in their blood before meals and 110-200 mg/dl after dinner, whereas in those who are between the age of 6 and 12, normal glucose level is 90-180 mg/dl and after dinner, this value should be 100-180 mg/dl.

Low glucose levels in children

Hypoglycemia is the term used for the problem with low sugar levels in blood. This problem is frequent in kids, but it is not a severe condition if it has occurred as an episode that doesn’t last long. On the other hand, glucose levels under 70 mg/dl that are long lasting can be dangerous and treated. Signs of low sugar levels in kids are heart palpitations, vertigo, mood changes, increased sweating and many more symptoms. When kids suffer from this condition, they should be taken to a doctor, because it can be the sign of some other underlying problems.

High glucose levels in children

When a measured sugar level is 200-350mg/dl constantly, you should seek for medical help, because it is high value. The main signs of diabetes in kids are weariness, constant thirst, frequent urge to urinate, problems with healing wounds and problems with vision. It is very important to diagnose both of these conditions at the early stage because then we can start with the proper treatment that can be effective. In kids the treatment usually consists of changes in eating habits, at least at the beginning.

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