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Becoming fit is not easy, it might take some time and effortand is not something that should be started without careful planning andorganizing. And when the process starts, a person should also sacrifice timeand some nerves in order to reach the goal. What is actually the price ofpersonal fitness?


People sometimes start without much thinking and that mightlead to some injury, which might even end the training process. This is why itis always recommended for people to do certain medical analysis and see what isactually going on in the body. If a doctor says that exercising will not createany problem, a process can be started. Workout has to be carefully thought outwith several phases of intensity. Of course, the starting phase should be theeasiest one, because in that period, the organism is simply not physicallycapable of anything more challenging. After this initial stage, a person cango for some more demanding exercises (faster jogging, more weight lifted etc.).Actually, this has to be done if a person wants to continue with fat burningprocess and muscle strengthening. When some exercise is done over and overagain, the body will become used to it and do it easily eventually. This is a problemfor fat burning process, because less energy will be needed, thus less caloriesburned. This has to be avoided and that is why training sessions should behardened from time to time.

Cross training is essential for putting the muscles in frontof new challenges. Cross training can be done within the same workout type –for example, combining jogging and sprinting. Also, cross training can includecombining spot jogging and using increased weight (bench press with dumbbells,for example).

Executing the plan

Once the process begins, a person will definitely need a lotof time. Exercising takes some time, especially when it is done almost eachday. Usually, exercising goes along with dieting and that will require from a personto be mentally strong. Unfortunately, many people are not capable of that andthey quit the process, becoming very disappointed – this is why people have tobe psychologically prepared for weight reduction and the problems itbrings along. Also, many people decidenot to visit places like restaurants with friends because they might break therules of strict dieting they are applying. Furthermore, with reduced intake ofcarbs in the organism, (which is what most diets are based on), people mightbecome nervous and that is yet another problem that emerges while exercisingand dieting. But if a person is prepared, all of this will be subdued and controlled,which will lead to final victory – fit and strong body.

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