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There are many couples trying to conceive a baby that run into a problem because the female does not have regular menstrual cycles. There are many women all over the country that have irregular menstrual cycles and wonder what can be done to solve the problem. Regulating the menstrual cycle will help a woman better get to know her body and can directly increase the chances of conception. One of the most important factors a woman needs to consider when trying to regulate the menstrual cycle is her vitamin and mineral intake.

The daily diet plays an important role in fertility for both men and women and if a female has an unhealthy diet or is underweight or overweight it can have a direct bearing on her ability to conceive. The diet of a female should always include fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and protein, low on caffeine and include plenty of fiber. Once a woman has begun eating a healthy diet, there are other natural ways to regulate your period. The female body is meant to have a menstrual cycle and requires exercise on a consistent basis; it is essential for good health and can help a woman regulate her periods. Excessive exercise should be avoided because it can lessen the number of menstrual cycles and even cause a woman to have none at all.

Another way in which to naturally regulate the menstrual cycle is to take a daily multivitamin. Many women have poor diets and adding a vitamin can help ensure the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals are being consumed. Having enough iron and nutrients in the body is important and can prevent a woman from experiencing anemia during her menstrual cycle. By incorporating the advice above, there are natural ways to regulate your period and increase fertility. Trying to conceive a baby requires much on the part of a female body and a woman should be in tip-top shape before becoming pregnant. Through regulating the menstrual cycle a woman can get to know her body and realize the signs of ovulation, whereby becoming pregnant and having a healthy baby.

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