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It does not matter how long a woman has been taking the pill, whether it is for one year or more, physicians recommend a woman waits for 1-3 months prior to trying to conceive. Many women that are worried about conceiving after being on the pill should consult with a physician in order to determine the best timeframe in which to become pregnant. Trying to get pregnant after the pill for some women will happen rather quickly for others it could take as long as six months or more.

Instead of rushing into trying to conceive, most experts will recommend a woman gives her body a rest and break period from being on the pill. It is a good idea for a woman that wants to get pregnant to stop using the pill about three months prior to trying. Statistics highlight that most women have no trouble becoming pregnant once stopping the pill and once the body regulates the chances are even higher. After a three month window of waiting, a woman should not grow discouraged if pregnancy does not happen immediately. If a woman has any doubts about ovulation, she can go and purchase a predictor kit and start tracking her monthly cycles. Rushing into trying to conceive will only produce feelings of stress and as a result, fertility can be impaired and pregnancy will not happen. If a woman does happen to become pregnant immediately after discontinuing the pill, there is no need to worry.

There is no statistical information which points to birth defects or fetal anomalies due to becoming pregnant soon after discontinuing the pill. If it happens it happens and a couple needs to take a positive approach to trying to get pregnant after the pill. Even if fertility impairment is experienced, it is by no means a reason for a couple to give up on trying for a baby. No matter whether it is a male or female infertility issue that makes it difficult to conceive, with assisted reproduction it is possible for a couple to have their own child. There is no reason to stop trying or to become discouraged, with the right help and attitude a woman can become pregnant after being on the pill.

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