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Eventually at some point in life, a woman will have the desire to become pregnant and start a family with her partner. For a woman, knowing her body and being able to tell when ovulation occurs each month will have an impact on how quickly she can become pregnant. A woman will save herself a large amount of stress and anxiety by knowing how cervical mucus and body temperature relates to fertility and improves the odds of conception.

Am I fertile? The question is asked by women all over the country and can be best answered when a woman becomes knowledgeable about her own body. The female body will only be able to conceive at certain times during the month and knowing when this can happen will increase the chances a woman has of becoming pregnant. Knowing the subtle clues and hints that a female body gives off on certain days of the month will help a female recognize her most fertile period and ensure the odds of conception. A woman is fertile when she ovulates on a regular monthly basis and this is most obvious when cervical mucus is present. Ovulation happens midway during a female's menstrual cycle and usually is at its peak approximately fourteen days prior to bleeding.

However, there are several things which can influence a woman's monthly ovulation cycle so knowing the body will help her pinpoint her most fertile time. Some women wondering the question, "Am I fertile?" will be advised to keep track of certain bodily information in order to determine fertile days. A woman's chances of becoming pregnant when trying to conceive will have to do with her overall health and whether or not she experiences impaired fertility. Once the body is better understood, a woman can take her fertility into her own hands and directly increase her chances of becoming pregnant. For a woman trying to conceive an infant, monthly body changes and knowing how it influences fertility can better the odds of pregnancy occurring. A woman should pay close attention to hormonal influences, bodily signals and cervical mucus changes in order to understand how each relates to each other. With time and careful planning a woman can determine how her body works, her best days to conceive and soon welcome a baby of her own to love.

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