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Cervical mucus is a fluid released from the body of a female and is fueled by the hormone estrogen. Estrogen manufactures cervical mucus during the first part of the menstrual cycle and the fluid helps protect sperm from vaginal acidity. Cervical fluid is also responsible for helping the sperm propel through the vaginal canal and into the fallopian tube, which is where fertilization occurs.

For a woman trying to conceive, she may be doing basal temperature monitoring and checking cervical mucus throughout the month, trying to determine her most fertile period. She might be wondering, what does egg white cervical mucus have to do with her fertility cycle? When cervical fluid resembles the consistency of egg whites, it means the female body is getting ready to ovulate. When trying to conceive, the best chances for a woman to become pregnant is when the mucus becomes clear or streaky and resembles an egg white.

The younger a woman is the more days of fertility she has per month and as she ages, these days will become less frequent. Cervical mucus changes should be noted when a woman is trying to conceive and wanting to determine her most fertile days. What does egg white cervical mucus mean? It is a common question asked by many women wondering how it relates to fertility and pregnancy. As a female s cycle progresses through the month, changes in the mucus of the cervix will determine how fertile a woman is during a specific period of time.

Egg white cervical mucus is a direct indication of a woman s most fertile days and can help a couple trying to conceive increase the chances of becoming parents. For couples that are trying to conceive, there are many physical aspects to deal with which might be less than pleasant. However, if a woman is willing to monitor her cervical mucus levels and note any changes, it can increase the chances she has of becoming pregnant. The texture, consistency and coloring of cervical mucus will change throughout a woman s monthly cycle, paying attention to the changes will show whether or not conception is a possibility.

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