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The best natural ways to increase fertility don't require an herb, a vitamin, or a pill. The best natural ways to increase fertility don't require you to buy anything at all. About half of all cases of infertility involve polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as PCOS, in the female partner. About half of PCOS cases can be resolved by calorie restriction. PCOS is not, strictly speaking, a condition caused by overweight. It's not really possible to say which comes first, the polycystic ovarian syndrome of the weight gain. However, most women who have PCOS are at least moderately overweight, and losing just 2 to 5 pounds (1-2.5 kilos) is, in about half PCOS cases, enough to restore fertility. Any diet for PCOS heeds to be low in sugars and high in protein. High-sugar diets, even if they are reduced in calories, won't correct the insulin resistance that causes the ovaries to make the unusual quantities of testosterone that cause PCOS symptoms.

Another way to increase fertility is to make sure to have intercourse in the missionary (man on top) position. This position for coitus forces the male partner's penis into a boomerang shape. Sperm is ejaculated along the back wall of the uterus, which is a shorter path to the opening of the fallopian tubes, which release the egg (or eggs) to be fertilized. Couples seeking to become pregnant do not have to have sex in the missionary position all the time. The only time having coitus in this position makes a difference is a day or two before, the day of, and a day or two after ovulation. If the female partner is not in the fertile days of her menstrual cycle, position during intercourse does not make a difference.

Another restriction on sexual technique during the days around the woman's ovulation is avoiding foreplay. Lovemaking that includes foreplay stimulates the muscles that hold the uterus. The uterus rises up in the abdomen, moving the egg farther from the location in the cervix most likely to receive semen. Not indulging in foreplay can make a critical difference also when the couple's reproductive issue is athenospermia in the man. Athenospermia is a lack of "swimming ability." The shorter the distance the sperm have to travel, the more likely the couple is to conceive. Avoiding foreplay, however, is also only important when the woman is in the most fertile time during her period.

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