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Fire ants

We will talk about a problem caused by ants. They can be very tiresome and even dangerous if they bite a person allergic to their bite. In these situations, even death can occur, which is why these ants have been named killer ants. One of their main advantages is their number, since they tend to spread and multiply very rapidly, thus they usually come in great number. For those who accidentally fall into the fire ant bed, hospital will probably be the only solution, and not to mention that this person will experience great pain and discomfort. They can easily overpower an animal that is dying and eventually eat it. When it comes to their nutrition, they are not at all picky and have great food storage abilities in their bodies.


People usually come with cans of spray and look for their beds just to eliminate them, which is a very frequent picture particularly in places such as Louisiana and Texas. They can get massive and bring great problems to your family, but it is very likely to come across an ant that is resistant to the chemicals you are using. This happens when you use the same product for a longer period of time.

We have to mention that some of the used chemicals can be dangerous for humans also, which is why they need to be kept locked away, so that the children cannot get hold of them. Also know that the chemicals used for the removal of ants are much more harmful for humans, as well as for the environment, than the ants themselves. So before you decide to use these chemicals, educate yourself how to properly mix and use them.

There are natural resources that are used for the production of insecticides. One of them is mineral boron, which is used for ant bed. You can mix it with borax soap, sugar and water and make it less dangerous for pets and children. Cayenne pepper can also be used as an insecticide, but it has to be liquefied and put into a spray. People sometimes grow this pepper on their own, since it is very effective and gives great results. Anther pepper that can be used is hot pepper. But remember to secure them good, since if eaten they can produce blisters. Corns are a very cheap insecticide. Ants love to eat them, but the problems occur when they digest them, and they die when this happens. We have given you several natural insecticides you can try for your problem. Good luck in eliminating these annoying buggers.

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