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Even though wasps are very important insects in nature, playing many important roles, they can sometimes be dangerous, especially when they make nests near your dwelling, posing a potential threat for you and your family. Then, you need to remove the nests and secure your home. However, this can be hard or almost impossible to be done successfully, when you do it on your own. Thus, it is much better to contact professionals. The price and the effectiveness of professional wasp removal agencies depends on your choice. Yet, most of these will manage to help you.

What is Hazardous Regarding Wasps?

The main difference between bees and wasps includes their look and their character. Namely, while bees may sting you only when threatened, dying immediately afterwards, wasps may attack you for no specific reason, stinging you repetitively without being harmed. The wasp sting itself is very painful and may trigger significant irritation and discomfort. Moreover, the stung area may swell and become red as well as itchy. Sometimes, you might get bitten around the eyes or the neck, suffering from side effects which can cause you to stop breathing. Furthermore, some wasp species have toxins which can kill humans once they are stung. Thus, knowing that these insects are most active during the summer, you need to locate their nests and remove them timely, before they can attack you or any member of your household, especially if someone is allergic to wasp stings.

The Price of Wasp Removal

The cheapest way of getting rid of wasps is through purchasing a spray which kills them. Their price ranges from $15 to $25. These products can keep the wasps at bay, removing the insects effectively once you spray them on the nest. On the other hand, insecticides, ranging from $30 to $300, can do the trick as well, being available in liquid or powder form.

As for wasp removal agencies, they will charge you anything from $40 to $100 for their service.

All in all, you can try and get the job done yourself. Removing the nests physically is an alternative which may work, but is very dangerous. Therefore, if you want to try this, make sure you are well protected, having every inch of your body covered with thick layers of clothes. Remove the nest and put it into a box or any container which can be sealed. Once you have managed to do this, immerse the container in water and keep it there.

Alternatively, you can leave wasp poison for foraging wasps to carry into the nests, this way getting rid of all the wasps effectively.

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