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Tiny Body, Mighty Bite

Fire ants are one of the most troublesome pests in America, while at the same time not being native to the continent at all. Molesting both farmer people and any other sin the way, these fearless creatures have established themselves as tiny terrors for the residents of southeast of the United States.Interesting fact about the fire ants is their size. Namely, they are tiny, almost impossible to be seen if they blend with the bright red color same as their own. However, what is paradoxical about fire ant sis their bite. Even though they are extremely small, they deliver abate much greater than their size. Those bitten by a fire ant feel moderate amounts of pain, as well as constant irritation around and over the spot, causing the unbearable itching sensation. To make things worse, these little warriors rarely go about on their own, so,there is a high likelihood that not only one of them will bite you,but, rater, several will.

How Does One Get Bitten and How Does It Feel?

First of all, these creatures are known to be extremely aggressive and territorial. Therefore, they might attack you even if you had not provoked them in any way. That is why,in many cases, until the pain kicks-in, people are not even aware that there were fire ants around. However, once you are bitten, you will surely notice it, since the process manifests through significant amount of pain. As if that is not enough, if unobstructed, the fire ant will continue biting off small portions of your skin while injecting the venom into your body, working its biting pattern in a circle-like form. After the bite, the spot will deliver pain, cause itching and irritation and eventually get infected, becoming swollen and tender. In some cases the infection does not occur, although these are rare ones. Then, the itching maybe present for a period of couple of days, the whole spot and trace disappearing afterwards.

How To Treat A Fire Ant Bite?

One of the best home remedies, done immediately after being bitten, is applying ammonia over the spot and wash it off with cold water after a minute of exposure. Secondly, you will need to sterilize and clean the spot by using antibacterial soap and washing it. Afterwards, take any antiseptic solution and disinfect the bite mark. You may cover it with a band in order to prevent it from getting infected and to restrain yourself from touching it since scratching will only make things worse. Repeat this process until the disappearance of the bite spot.

Any serious reactions like sweating,pale skin color, shortness of breath and similar may be signs of an allergic reaction. If this occurs, or if the infection gets more serious, seek medical assistance immediately.

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