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Thyroid is an endocrine gland, responsible for production of hormones, known as T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine). These hormones regulate human metabolism, the usage of body’s energy and also the growth and functions of many organs and tissues in human body.

How to recognize Underactive Thyroid?

Underactive thyroid gland is often referred to as hypothyroidism, while overactive gland causes condition known as hyperthyroidism. Lack of hormones in people suffering from hypothyroidism can cause significant lack of energy in the body. Apart from that, patients suffering from this condition often experience symptoms such as: lack of sleep, tiredness, sluggishness and weight gain. Decreased alertness may also be consequence of underactive thyroid gland.

Natural Treatment for Hypothyroidism

There are many different herbs and remedies claimed to help people dealing with underactive thyroid gland and some of them might prove to be quite helpful. Some treatments aim to increase the amount of thyroid hormones, while others are designed to help with more specific symptoms accompanying this condition. However, every patient may react differently, according to his sensitivity to certain food or medications, age, gender and race. Allergies to different substances, previous medical conditions or even some hereditary factors have also been found to affect the success of treatments for hypothyroidism.

One natural treatment is used particularly as the remedy for people who gained some weight due to underactive thyroid gland. This is coconut oil. Improper diet and unhealthy eating habits have been identified as contributing factors to development of hypothyroidism. Underactive thyroid then causes lack of energy and a person can’t exercise because of that. As a result, people may end up with some weight gain, both due to their unhealthy habits and their underactive thyroid. So, treating the thyroid problem, these people might have more energy, feel less tired and therefore be able to perform some physical activity, lead active lifestyle and lose excess weight.

Medium-chain fatty acid in the coconut oil works by increasing the rate of metabolism and adding some extra energy these patients need. Coconut oil should be used in quantities of about 3 to 5 tablespoons every day, for some time. Besides affecting the energy level, coconut oil has been proven to affect hormonal balance and the mood as well.

To conclude, coconut oil can speed up metabolism and provide energy for exercise, which, with regulated level of thyroid hormones, should be enough to help people losing some excess weight caused by hormonal imbalance.

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