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The thyroid gland reproduces thyroid hormones. Produced hormones circulate in body and bloodstream in order to generate metabolic energy. Thyroid hormones produced in thyroid gland are T3 and T4 (triodothyronine and thyroxine) and T3 is in charge to boosts up the metabolism and fabricates F4. While TSH, which is short for thyroid stimulating hormone or simply thyrotropin sorts out the generation of T3 and T4. And TSH hormone is generated in pituitary gland. Normal level of TSH indicates normal function of the thyroid gland and that can be done with simple blood test.


Hypothyroidism usually indicates low thyroid. And symptoms of hypothyroidism or abnormal thyroid or when/if hormone levels fall under normal level should be: constipation, depression, dry, thick skin, slow pulse, over sensibility, often bruising, slackly wound healing, headaches, bad memory, hair thinning, charge up panic, over sweating, fluid retention, low body temperature, irregular periods, concentration fall, puffy eyes, cold hands and feet, itching, unhealthy nails, too high cholesterol, weight gain, loss of eyebrows, sleepy during the day, acid indigestion, hypoglycemia, cold/ heat intolerance, tiredness, ear ringing, often colds, anxiety, migraines, memory problems, low blood pressure, painful muscles and joints, chronic sinus infections and reduced libido.

A hypothyroidism may happen due to an underlying cause, for instance due to a food allergies, celliac disease, adrenal fatigue, metal poisoningetc... But certain food intake may get you a low thyroid. It is a goitrogenic foods broccoli, kale, soy, cauliflower cabbage, turnips, rutabaga, sprouts, millet, and radishes. Such food has inhibiting substances that gets to be annulled with cooking.

Hypothyroidism Natural Herbs

There are natural supplements that may aid a low thyroid to be taken with some multivitamins and here is the list: Coconut Oil may help the thyroid and weight loss. Bladderwrack, seaweed has a plenty of iodine and it is given for hypothyroidism and weight loss because it has zinc, minerals, potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium. Bladderwrack works as stimulation to metabolism. Tyrosine -amino acid produces thyroid hormones out of iodine. Selenium, lack of selenium may cause hypothyroidism. Selenium has enzyme type-I-iodothyronine-deiodinase that turns T4 to T3. And lack of selenium cuts down the thyroid hormones. Iodine can be taken via food and kelp. Kelp has plenty of iodine. Iodine can be taken in a form of 225 mcg pill. Using sea salt also can help. As well as taking fish, eggs, yogurt, meat, radish, potatoes, oatmeal, seafood or bananas. There are also thyroid glandular to be taken but only with doctor prescription although there are some non prescribed drugs good for thyroid glandular available in the pharmacies.

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