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The condition of the lowered activity of the thyroid gland, or as medically called, hypothyroidism is manifested as the lack of the hormones that should be secreted by this gland. And that disorder can be manifested as the, for instance, gaining some unexplainable weight, as the pain in joints, even as the infertility, and the similar problems. But, the biggest problem of them all is that the consequence could be some serious heart-related and coronary diseases. Unfortunately, the function of the thyroid gland is very important, since this hormone maintains the normal rate of a lot of the important processes in the organism.

Nevertheless, some people are more prone to be affected by the hypothyroidism; those are women, and especially the elderly women. Besides that, the hereditary factor may play an important role in the likelihood of being affected by this disorder.

The diet based on the coconut oil

However, in some cases, the treatment based on the use of the herbal remedies, can be even more effective than the conventional treatment with the prescribed medications (such as the synthetic thyroid hormone) and can be used instead of the surgical procedure in some patients. So, those remedies are focused on encouraging the gland to secrete enough hormones, logically.

The most effective remedy for treating and preventing the disorder of the underactive thyroid gland is the oil from coconut. The explanation is simple; it is rich in the fatty acids which successfully encourage the speeding-up of the metabolic processes, that way providing more energy to the whole organism and helping the digestion and in losing the weight. So, it treats both, the causes and the consequences of this disorder. Of course, the diet regime based on this oil should be combined with the regular workouts, which can be mild or moderate.

When it comes to the dietary regime, it is recommendable for the patients to consume around 8 teaspoons of the coconut oil on a daily basis. A lot of patients have reported very beneficial effect of this diet, not only on the thyroid gland itself, but also on the overall wellness of the body, even on the psychological problems that are associated to the lack of this hormone.

In the conclusion the end, it is important to emphasize that the biggest problem of this way of treating hypothyroidism is that an individual’s susceptibility to the herbal treatment depends on a lot of different factors, and the most common are the sex, the age, the gene factor, and even the life habits of a patient (e.g. unhealthy eating or a sedentary lifestyle).

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