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There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from hurting joints. It is considered to be pretty common but it is more common for people who suffer from arthritis. People with arthritis have stiff joints more often than other people and that is mainly because they avoid making certain movements because they can increase the pain. However, people need to know that they should not mobilize these joints because that action will only cause more pain and make the stiffness worse. Physical therapy is highly recommended for these people. The experts will show the patients how they can move the hurting joints without causing additional damage. Occupational therapy is good as well because it shows a person how he or she can ease off the pressure from the joints when performing everyday activities. Even a person’s workplace and home environment can be altered in order to reduce the motions which are known to provoke arthritis. Therapists will also provide people with splints for the hand or wrist and even recommend certain devices that will aid a person at driving, bathing and dressing.

The goal of physical therapy

People need to know that the goal of physical therapy is to get the person back to the point where he or she can perform everyday activities without feeling any pain whatsoever. In order to achieve this, it is important that a person maintains good range of motion. This is why physical therapy focuses on increasing that range of motion. Apart from this, physical therapy also focuses on building the muscle strength of those muscles that surround the joint.

The benefits of occupational and physical therapy programs

People need to know that there are various benefits from taking part in these programs. First of all, people will get to know everything about there is to know about arthritis. A person who becomes overweight will be given a dietary plan to follow in order to reduce the amount of stress that weight places upon the joints. People will also learn certain therapeutic methods to relieve discomfort.

Some of the techniques that people will learn are rest, thermal modalities and exercise. All of these techniques are highly important for people who suffer from aching joints.

People who had their joints replaced will also benefit a lot from the therapies. Education and exercise will be a part of the person’s life both before and after the surgery. People will also learn certain joint protection techniques as well.

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