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Discomfort due to present gallstones is felt only when they are a bit more serious, while smaller develop no discomfort at all. Gallstones can cause great problems and pain and we will get more familiar with this problem in the following lines. There are a lot of treatment options associated with gallstones, which look like a stone and they have the same thickness. There are safe ways of eliminating this problem and it all begins with the hunt for information associated with gallstones. We will provide this information and help you eliminate this condition with the help of methods for natural flushing of the gallstones.

Gallstones are hardened gallbladder liquid and they can cause the blockage of the bile duct. Surgery is the most common way of treatment and the one that most doctors will suggest, but there is another option. Natural methods are something that every patient needs to look into and give them a go first. You need to find the most natural and easiest solution of your problem and surgery is not always the answer. There are certain risks involved with surgery, and bowel cancer is one of them. Bowel cancer can be developed due to the dripping of the gallbladder bile to the digestive system. Some gallstones will exit the body naturally, and such gallstones are very small in size. In such cases, surgery is not needed and in most cases, it is elective. Diarrhea can also be provoked due to the mentioned dripping. There are additional problems, like higher level of blood cholesterol caused by coupled gallbladder removal. There are gallstones that cause no distress and problem and such create no need for a surgery. Also, we have to say that preventing the problem is always better then treating it.

The Regime

The initial five days of the treatment involve drinking of the 100% apple juice four times during the day. The quantity of the juice is 250ml or one glass. You need to drink a glass during the breakfast, lunch, at dinner and before going to sleep. Then, during the sixth day, teaspoon of Epsom salt needs to be taken in 6 pm, and this will substitute your dinner. Drink a glass of water along with this salt and do the same at 8 pm the same day and this will create a purge effect, which will remove solid items and make the gallbladder reopen again. Next, mix a glass of lemon juice and a glass of olive oil and drink it on the same day in 10 pm. The passage will be lubricated and stones will be extracted more easily this way. Do not be scared if you see green items in your toilet since these are gallstones.

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