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Xalatan eye drops are used when too much pressure is put onthe eye due to glaucoma, which is a common eye condition where the fluiddrainage from the eye is slowed down thereby increasing the fluid pressure in theeye, or some other reason that causes insufficient amount of fluids in the eye. What these eye drops do is relieve the pressure inthe eye by increasing the amount of required fluids. However, applying Xalataneye drops is not recommended in every situation and there are certaincircumstances which suggest avoiding it.

When to avoid Xalatan eye drops

First of all, Xalatan eye drops are not to be applied whilewearing contact lenses. If there is a requirement for the use of Xalatan drops,one should make sure to take them out, but also not put them back on for aboutfifteen minutes after inserting the drops.

Another possible risk these drops carry is of an aestheticdifference in the eye or eyelash color from one eye to the other, but also of apossibility of increased growth of the eyelashes. There really isn’t a way topredict who might experience these changes and whether they will bepermanent or not, but they can occur as well.

Furthermore, the dropper should be kept absolutely sterileand pristine, for using an unhygienic dropper can lead to infections which canbe very dangerous for the eyesight and they may even cause blindness.

It is also important for one to make sure that they are notallergic to any of the ingredients of Xalatan, such as latanprost, as well asthat there are no allergies or infections present in the eye, because Xalatancan provoke even further complications in those cases.

Finally, pregnant women are recommended to avoid Xalatan asit can cause damage to the fetus.

Consequences arising due to irregular use of Xalatan

Most of the side effects Xalatan can cause are obviously inthe eye area. The most frequent problems are the ones such as blurry vision,burning sensations and pain in the eye, conjuctival hyperemia, which is basicallythe enlargement of blood vessels in the eye and it usually retreats on its own,itching and prickling feelings in the eye, inflammation of the cornea and achange in the pigmentation of the eye.

A bit more rare side effects include a dry eye or excessivetearing, problems with the lid such as crusting, pain, edema, erythmea orphotophobia, which is such sensitivity to light that it causes pain.

Xalatan eye drops can also provoke respiratory,musculoskeletal or dermatologic problems.

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