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Information on Eye Drops

Eye drops are a common method for the treatment of numerous different types of eye problems. Most eye drops intended for eye care and some minor eye problems can be purchased over the counter. The most common eye problems include burning and itching sensations in the eyes and they can be treated by those over the counter eye drops at home.

Eye conditions such as glaucoma or pink eye infection need to be checked by a physician so that he can prescribe the proper medication. Eye drops intended for use in pets or babies also require a prescription.

How to Administer Eye Drops

Before administering eyes drops one must always wash the hands with warm water and soap. The hands must be dried with a towel afterwards. If there are any crusts around the eye, they need to be removed by a soft, lint free cloth. The bottle of eye drops needs to be shaken well before use. In order to maintain a better eye care, one must always make sure that the eyedropper tip is clean and that it does not have any dust or other types of impurities in it.

When not in use, the eyedropper must be closed with a cap. The person that gets the eye drops administered to needs to lie down. If a person administers the eye drops to herself or himself, it can be done while standing or sitting as well. The lower eyelid needs to be pulled down with the index finger, while the other hand brings the eyedropper near the affected eye.

After the first drop gets instilled in the eye, it needs to be close. One should wait for a minute before putting another drop into the eye. Contact between the eyeball and eyedropper needs to be avoided. It is important to always administer the prescribed dosage of eye drops. If a person uses more than one type of eye drop solution, there needs to be a 10 minute gap between the administrations of different types of eye drop solutions.

The head needs to be held back for a few minutes after the administration, so that the medication can be absorbed properly. Excess solution may be wiped off with a tissue. The cap needs to be replaced on the bottle after the administration. It is recommended to wash the hands once again after the administration. Pets and babies need to be held so that they cannot move too much during the administration.

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