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Most eye drops can be only obtained from a pharmacy if they are prescribed by a doctor. However, there are also certain eye drops available over-the-counter. The specific type of eye drops that is going to be prescribed generally depend on the condition a person is suffering from. The same type of eye drops can be applied in several conditions but it is essential to memorize that none of them is supposed to be used without previous consultation with a doctor.

Both, prescribed and over-the-counter eye drops are needed in case of eye dryness, redness, itching, allergies, soreness, swelling, eye discharge and infection. Dry Eyes

Normal function of the human eye depends on the flow of tears. They provide with proper moisture and lubrication, maintain vision and comfort. Tears represent a combination of water, oils, mucus, antibodies and special proteins. Each of the components has specific function. For example, water is essential for moisture, oils are in charge with lubrication while mucus allows tears to properly spread. Antibodies in tears together with special proteins are necessary for proper protection against infection. In case there is an insufficient production of tears or they are synthesized adequately but escape due to certain anatomical abnormalities the eye is not well-lubricated and one starts to experience dry eyes.

Improper lubrication of the eyes typically features with pain, sensitivity to light, a gritty sensation, a felling of a foreign body or sand in the eye, itching, redness and blurry vision.

Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

Many over-the-counter eye drops can provide with proper relief from dry eyes. Eyes can get dry if one is tired, has been working at the computer for many hours or been reading for a long time. Furthermore, being exposed to extreme weather conditions such as strong wind and too much sun without proper protection may cause dryness of the eyes. There are many over-the counter Lubricating eye drops that can successfully help such people.

Long-term dryness is basically connected with the process of aging. It particularly affects women and develops as a consequence of hormonal changes. Furthermore, the problem may occur due to intake of certain medications such as decongestants, diuretics and antidepressants.

Artificial eye drops are actually the primary treatment for dry eyes. One may need to try several artificial eye drops before he/ she opts for the most suitable one. People suffering from chronic dry eyes are due to use the drops even when the eyes feel fine. Their eyes simply need artificial lifetime lubrication.

In case the simplest eye drops for dryness do not work one is due to consult a well experienced ophthalmologist who will chose the most appropriate eye drops.

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