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Patients who undergo cataract surgery are often prescribed Xibrom Opht eye drops for treating the swelling and inflammation along with the pain which affects the area after the procedure. These eye drops are very effective for these purposes and thereby are a choice of many.

Instructions of Using Xibrom Opht

In most cases, you are supposed to start using these drugs about 24 hours after the surgery and continue using them for 2 weeks. A single drop is enough for one eye, two times a day. Naturally, if your doctor tells you otherwise, you are advised to follow his/her instructions.

Before using these drops, you should wash your hands well, not letting the dropper touches anything, including the surface of your eye. If you happen to be using contact lenses, make sure you remove them beforehand.

The drug is applied by tilting your head backwards so that you are looking to the ceiling. Then, pull down your lower eyelid, creating an opening. Drop a single drop into the opening and close your eyes for about a minute or two. In order to keep the medication inside the eye, apply gentle pressure on the closed eyelid, without rubbing your eyes or blinking.

Keep in mind that you should wait for about 10 minutes after using the eye drops before you use any other kind of eye medication. Yet, never use any of these medications without consulting with your doctor first.

Side-Effects of Xibrom Opht

One of the most common side-effects of this medication is the burning sensation affecting the exposed eyes. In this case, seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Do the same if your eyes begin aching or turning red or if you become sensitive to light. Also, consider eye discharge, vision issues, itchiness or other sort of discomfort in the area signs of warning and react to these promptly. The worst case scenario involves an allergic reaction to the medication manifesting through itching and swelling of the eye area, possibly accompanied by rashes, dizziness and respiratory problems. Seek medical assistance immediately after you notice these symptoms.

All in all, Xibrom Opht eye drops are usually harmless. Thus, most of the users will only experience positive effects of this medication. Unfortunately, even though side-effects rarely take place, they happen nevertheless. Thus, know how to react in these cases, and call your doctor as soon as you notice any of the side-effects mentioned above.

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