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Introduction to joint muscle ailments

Joint muscle ailments need to be treated very urgently.

Whether they are the muscular joints in the neck or ankles, all of these joints can be ailed by glutinous fluid due to various causes.

Sometimes if joint muscle ailments are left untreated it can even end fatally.

There are many different types of treatment, from allopathic to clinical, there are even homeopathy treatments as well and other natural cures as well.

Identifying the cause

First the root of the problems must be uncovered. It is sometimes most important to identify where the pain is coming from. If the pain comes with motion, then it probably stems from some type of musculoskeletal disorder.

When the pain comes with muscle spasm, it is probably being caused by some type of muscular disorder.

Just to make sure, doctors will probably perform blood tests and x-rays to determine the rout of the problem.

Sometimes, Lyme disease can cause this type of pain. When this occurs, a rash usually accompanies the swelling. Lyme disease, for instance will need a blood test to be identified.

However, a blood test alone will usually not be enough to determine what the root of the problem is.

X-rays will also be needed, because they can get to the root of the muscle, tendon and ligament problems.

The problem can also be determined by observing the symptoms that a person is experiencing.

For example, if the muscles are shrinking, there might be widespread muscle damage. If there is weakness in the eyes, then it could a disorder of the neuromuscular junction.

If the weakness is mostly being experienced in the fingers, hands and feet, then it could be a case of severe nerve damage.


One of the most common treatments for muscle and joint problems is cortisone, which is naturally secreted by the body. Hormones will help to relieve the pain in the joints and muscles.

Cortisone has anti-inflammatory properties that will provide relief for the pain.

There are also effective home remedies.

Clove oil is one. A person can apply a poultice of clove oil to the affected area for relief.

Garlic can also be used for joint muscle ailments and inflammation.

Garlic has been known to get rid of all kinds of muscle strains, arthritis and rheumatism as well.

Fry pepper powder and sesame oil can be applied to the affected area well. It works like an analgesic.

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