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Dry socket is an extremely painful dental complication whichoccurs after a tooth has been extracted. There are a few home remedies for dry socks whichhave proved to be beneficial in reducing the pain.

After the extraction isdislodged, a blood clot forms in the socket of an adult tooth and is sometimesalso referred to as alveolar osteitis. The term “dry socket” comes mainly fromthe fact that after the extraction of the tooth, there is a empty space left in the mouth.It can also cause pain in the ears and eyes of the patient and sometimes itenlarges the lymph node in the patient’s neck and jaw. The most common symptomsof dry socket are pain in the tooth’s socket and a foul odor and taste emittedfrom the socket. The pain can get very severe at times and the time requiredfor it to heal is variable. If one had experienced dry socket symptoms after atooth extraction before, it is more likely that it will occur in the future aswell.

One of the best remedies for dry socket is clove oil. Oneshould dip some cotton in the water and in the clove oil afterwards, becausewater reduces the sting of clove oil. When prepared, the cotton swab should bedabbed on the socket and the teeth around it, once or twice during the day.

Gargling the mouth with salt dissolved in lukewarm water also helps reducingthe pain. The patients suffering from dry socket symptoms should add yogurt totheir daily diet because of its natural antibiotic properties.

In most cases, dry socket causes the area surrounding it toswell and in order to reduce that one can apply an ice pack. Tanic acid in acold tea bag pressed against the wounded area will help in reducing severepain. Rinsing the mouth with a pinch of turmeric dissolved in lukewarm water isanother helpful solution.

Dry salt mixed with mustard oil and turmeric can also beapplied on the wound and will help in alleviating the pain, but alsomaintain proper dental health. Tobacco shouldn’t be consumed in any form duringthe first week after the extraction of the tooth in order to relieve the pain asfast as possible.

Saliva and air intensify the pain and that can be taken careof by biting a moist piece of gauze. Immediate pain relief can be reached bywashing the mouth with a peroxide solution, but one should be careful whendoing that because the solution may be harmful if swallowed. Painkillers anda gentle rubbing of the area surrounding the dry socket can also be of greathelp.

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