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It is an unfortunate fact that when a woman is pregnant she is more likely to suffer with a yeast infection of the vagina than when she is not pregnant. This happens because there is more estrogen in the woman’s boy when she is pregnant and estrogen gives a wonderful surrounding for the development of yeast in the woman’s reproductive tract.

The Symptoms and the Signs of a Yeast Infection Whilst Pregnant

A good news is that yeast infections are quite easy to detect. There are a few symptoms that go unnoticed for a short period but as said, it is rather easy to identify. The symptoms you may experience if you think you may have a yeast infection is a burning or an itchy feeling around the labia or the vulva. You may feel a pain whilst urinating and possibly during intercourse. The pain may even be continual in the abdominal region. You may notice a discharge that has no smell but it is white in color and rather creamy.The Remedies to Remove the Fungus Infection

A lot of experts will advice the use of apples. They are strong in antioxidants which is great at getting rid of fungus. Because apples replace sugar and obviously fungus will feed on sugar, it is then advisable to eat apples. An apple a day keeps the fungus at bay. Another excellent home remedy for yeast infection is garlic, if you’re not fond of including it in your cooking then simply make a paste out of garlic and put it on the infected area. The infection can cause you to experience itching and burning which is very uncomfortable. So in replacement of scratching yourself just put some honey on the area and wait for the relief to kick in. These three home remedies mentioned above are all natural and will not cause you to experience any side effects and especially won’t affect your unborn baby which is an important reason to try them right away. Some other people may recommend to you to use alum and/or aloe vera, just be careful to use the right amounts. As with any of the home remedies, use them consistently and you are certain to gain a positive result.Preventing a Yeast Infection

It can be prevented by avoiding wearing any tight clothes and try wearing clothes especially underwear that is breathable like 100% cotton. Give your genital area some space to breath, have bare bottom evenings to allow some fresh air down there.

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