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Tinea cruris or Jock itch is a fungus infection of the skin. It generally affects groins, inside part of tights, genitals and buttocks because these parts of the body are warmer and damper then the rest of the body. Jock itch is usually found in men rather then in women. It is not such a severe skin condition but it is extremely unpleasant and annoying.

The symptoms of Jock itch are redness, itchiness, burning sensation and rash on the infected area. If you feel warmth in the parts of your body where Jock itch is most likely to appear it can mean that the fungus has started to grow. Extreme sweating can cause Jock itch and worsen the condition. The infection can also be increased if you wear tight underwear because it slows the circulation and prevents the infected area to dry. If the immune system is weakened due to some other health problems such as diabetes or AIDS, the chances of getting Jock itch are increased. Jock itch is contagious only if you get in direct contact with the infected area and it is important to remember that you must not share personal things with a person who has been infected with Jock itch. When you go to the gym, exercise excessively or work outdoors be careful how much you sweat and what kind of clothes you wear. It is significant that you do not scratch the infected area.

There are various treatments for Jock itch but the first thing you should do if you get infected is to wash with anti bacterial soap. The infected area should be kept dry, so use the towel as long as you need or dry the area with the blow drier. The second thing is to put some anti bacterial or anti fungal cream, powder or spray. Home medications such as anti dandruff shampoo or tea tree oil are also useful when fighting against Jock itch.

As far as food is concerned, garlic is a great remedy due to its anti-bacterial properties. Eat as much garlic and you can even treat the infection with it. The instructions are simple, put some garlic and then put some honey on the affected area. You should avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates. Alcohol should be excluded from the diet as well. Avoid eating food which has yeasts in it. It is also not recommended to eat fried and greasy food. You should eat healthy, especially a lot of fruits and vegetables, particularly the green vegetables.

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