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Getting rid of a yeast infection naturally

Yeast infections are far from what one would call a rare occurrence. Quite the contrary – around 75% of all females will have experienced this infection at least once in their life. This infection is not something that is reserved for women exclusively. Men can also get infected with this type of yeast, although such cases are quite infrequent. Around 50% of all females who get infected will experience the re-occurrence of this yeast at least once more in their lifetime.

In case you experience the symptoms of a yeast infection, make sure to contact your physician as soon as you can and get treated properly. Remember that symptoms of the yeast infection are common to some other diseases, so it might be the case that you are not suffering from a yeast infection but from something much more serious. Hence, speedy treatment is essential. There is a set of most typical symptoms of yeast contamination. They include scratchy sensation in the intimate region, swollen vulva, white secreted matter, and possibly ache and discomfort during sexual intercourse.

The reasons for the onset of infection

This kind of infection is provoked by a fungus that is referred to as Candida Albicans. It is interesting that this fungus normally inhabits the intimate region in a healthy person. The acidic conditions of the vagina prevent the fungus from over-multiplying. But in instances where the level of the acids drops, the yeast can thrive and provoke the medical condition we call yeast infection.

This level of acid in the vagina we have mentioned is closely related to some mechanisms in the body. In particular, we are talking about the period, gestation, diabetes, application of antibiotics, steroid medications, poor hygiene, some components of soaps, as well as inappropriate clothing, and underwear, that prevents the afflicted area from recovering naturally.

Remedies for yeast affliction

Luckily, people usually do not experience difficulties in curing a yeast infection. One of the options when seeking to get rid of the yeasts is to opt for natural remedies. Some would say that they are a much better option than using prescription medications. For instance, try yogurt, or oregano or tea tree oils. The benevolent bacteria in yogurt can be very effective in combating the yeasts. Apart from the anti-fungal properties, yogurt's calming effect will help decrease the reaction of the affected area. Of course, you will want to use only plain yogurt with no added sugar, since sugars help the yeast thrive. The way to use it is to immerse a tampon in yogurt and then put it into the vagina. Repeat the procedure two or three times a day, until the symptoms subside and vanish.

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