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There are several causes of seizures that are most common.

Genetics often play a large role in seizures. Some forms of epilepsy have been proven to be inherited. If the channels that carry sodium, potassium and calcium to the brain are genetically damaged an imbalance occurs that can cause seizures.

Brain tumors that are both malignant and benign can also cause seizures.

When a person has degenerative inflammatory liver disease, the liver cells are hardened and can be scarred. If the liver is not functioning properly then there can be seizures because blood is not passing through the liver properly.

A low blood sugar level can also trigger seizures.

Poisoning by lead, chemicals or additives can also lead to having seizures. People need to be very aware of toxic metals in the household, especially because many people are very sensitive to such things.

Some vaccinations can produce an inflammation of the brain which can also lead to seizures.

Other common causes of seizures includes head trauma, renal kidney failure and vitamin deficiencies.


The most common types of drugs used for treating seizures are Phenobarbital, Primidone, Diazepam (Valium) and Potassium Bromide. It is important to note that many of these drugs can caused undesired side effects so it is best to consult a doctor may be even several before choosing the treatment.

There are also more natural solution as well.

Eating well is essential for decreasing the chances of having seizures. A healthy lifestyle and good nutritional habits are essential.

It is also important to keep stress to an absolute minimum take vitamins regularly and eat small portions of food more frequently instead of filling yourself up with one large meal.

Since hypoglycemic attacks can lead to forms of seizures it is important to minimize the chances of them occurring as well. Some the symptoms of such an attack will include weakness, aggression, moodiness and a dazed look in the eyes.

Healthy snacks are recommended in order to decrease the risk of seizures. A person could take all the junk food out of their diets and replace them with health alternatives such as apples, carrots, pears, bran crackers, rice cakes, peaches, eggs, oatmeal, saltine crackers, cottage cheese, yogurt or chicken.

It is important to have balance in the body and stabilize the blood sugar level in order to control seizures.

Exercise is also another very vital part of the treatment. It is important to maintain muscle development, good digestion, and one’s overall health, which is why exercise is so essential. With exercise comes better blood circulation, more oxygen to the muscles an increase in metabolism, and ultimately a decrease in fat as well which all help to decrease the risks of seizures.

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