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Physical and chemical properties of potassium bromide:

Potassium bromide is a while crystalline powder which issoluble in water and it is mostly used as an antiepileptic medicament for catsand dogs. In its diluted form it has a sweet taste, but solutions with a higherconcentration have a bitter taste. All concentration levels bear a slightlysalty taste because of the presence of potassium. One must not consume highlyconcentrated potassium bromide because it leads to the irritation of the mucousmembranes. It may also be accompanied by a feeling of nausea. Potassium bromideis also used extensively in the production of photographic film which is alwaystreated with silver bromide. Potassium bromide actually forms complexes when itreacts with certain types of metal halides. Its chemical formula is KBr.

Medical and Veterinary uses of Potassium Bromide:

Potassium bromide is known for its potent anticonvulsantproperties and those are the main reason why it is used so often for variousmedical and veterinary uses. It is commonly used for the treatment of epilepsyin dogs, and in most cases it is used in combination with Phenobarbital. It isnot used for the same purposes in cats because it may cause inflammatoryconditions of the lungs in some cases.

Potassium Bromide for human consumption:

In theory, potassium bromide could be used for the controlof seizures in humans but unfortunately is not approved by the FDA. It can beused for the treatment of severe forms of seizures in adolescents and childrenwho suffer from epilepsy. It can also be of great help when it comes to thetreatment of myoclonic and Grand-Mal seizures. Potassium bromide usually comesin the form of tablets and a good thing is that it does not interfere with thefunctioning of any other types of anticonvulsants which the patient may beusing at the same time.

Potassium Bromide side effects on humans:

Bromide has a small therapeutic index because it causesintoxication. Common side effects of potassium bromide may or may not includeobstipation, loss of appetite, bad breath, nausea, tongue disorder, lethargy,rhinitis, depression, asthma, loss of concentration, mucous hypersecretion inthe lungs, headaches, dermatitis, pathologic reflexes, aggressiveness, loss ofneural sensitivity and abnormal speech.

Potassium Bromide dosage in humans:

Potassium bromide should always be taken twice a day, and itcan be purchased in the form of capsules or as a flavored liquid.

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