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Seizures in dogs

Seizures are also popularly known under the names such as convulsions and fits. They can also occur in dogs, as well as in humans, and they are caused by certain infections in the brain. However, if it is treated properly, a dog can lead a normal life. In the case, when a fit lasts more than a few minutes, the dog is unable to breathe normally and the temperature of the body increases. This happens because something caused the brain not to work adequately.

Symptoms of seizures in dogs

The symptoms of seizures in dogs may be mild or moderate. Anyway, they must be taken seriously and treated on time in order to avoid further problems, because any mild symptom may progress and cause serious complications. The signs of seizures in dogs are easily noticeable because they are visible. In many cases, a dog with fits does not even feel any pain. The most common symptoms of disorder in dogs are bewilderment, confusion and disorientation. It is important to put a dog on the floor when we see that it has a convulsion. Thus, it cannot fall and hurt himself.

A dog, during a seizure, usually loses the consciousness. In some cases, a dog begins to run in circles, while in other cases, a dog starts to tremble. Other symptoms of convulsions in dogs are spontaneous and uncontrolled urination, excessive salivation and stiffness, but sometimes, the dog cannot recognize his owner. Uncontrollable muscle contraction, temporary paralysis and paddling of legs are also some of the signs of seizures in dogs.

Causes of seizures in dogs

One of the main causes of seizures in dogs is epilepsy. Furthermore, a poor diet can be a cause for many disorders that are common for dogs, for example, skin cancer. Brain tumors, hypotension and serious injury to the dog’s head are also potential causes for the occurrence of seizures. In certain cases, poisoning with lead or kidney failure may result in the appearance of fits. In addition to all these causes, overactive nervous system, as well as worm infestation, are also regarded to be the causes for the seizures in dogs.

Treatment for seizures in dogs

Untreated seizures usually lead to the brain damage. To treat seizures in dogs, the veterinarians usually prescribe certain medicines, such as potassium bromide, primidone, and Phenobarbital. In addition to medical care, there are certain herbal remedies that can be very effective for this condition, such as skullcap and passionflower. These two herbs are very potent in calming down the overactive nervous system of the dog.

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