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Vitiligo is a disease known in the ancient Rome. Term vitiligo comes from Latin word vitelius meaning calf. Roman physician Celsus first used it in the second century AD. Vitiligo causes withe patches on the skin as same as spotted calf has them. Vitiligo was also known in ancient China, Arabia and India. Is is mentioned in holy religious books such as Bible, Holy Koran and Buddist sacred book.

Symptoms and signs of vitiligo are white patches and they can be different sizes or shapes. Patches can spread peripherally. White patches can occur generally or segmental. They are very sensitive and vulnerable to sunburn. Vitiligo can also affect hair and it becomes white. Vitiligo does not belong to infectious diseases but some people may think it does. Vitiligo also affects person`s social life. Skin looks ugly with white patches and the problem is that other people see it as infectious ailment. Person with vitiligo can have psychological issues because of social isolation.

Vitiligo has 1% to 8% of people. The most commonly it affects people who has obvious contrast in the skin colour. Vitiligo in 50% cases affects younger people under the age of 20.

Western medicine has very few safe and effective therapies to treat vitiligo. Western medicine does not what vitiligo causes. Traditional Chinese medicine and Eastern traditional medicine consider that foods and herbs can help you to treat vitiligo.

State of our skin is directly associated with the digestive system. Nutrition of whole body is very important for state of our skin and that includes vitiligo. Drinks and foods that we consumed have effect to blood and lymph and the metabolism condition. In Western medicine is not known that food is related to health. Natural medicine considers that is very important for health what foods and drinks we consume.

Great people such as Prophet Muhammad, Hippocrates, Ibne Sina (Arabian physician) and also Chinese people said that diseases came from stomach and food and diets are medicine.

Primary causes of vitiligo are coldness of blood and bad quality of blood and lymph. Diet is very important for vitiligo treatment. You should eliminate cold and phlegm producing foods. If you use these foods frequently patches on the skin can spread.

Do not use foods which produce blood changes. Such foods are beef, brinjal, fish and light and heavy foods consumed at the same time. Also, you should not use foods like melon, watermelon, lemon and lime, oranges, milk, buttermilk, tamarind, guava, parsley, Chinese dates, amla, Indian sorrel, red sorrel, cashwnut, custard apple, tomatoes, all kinds of citruses.

Foods that are recommended to eat: onions, walnut, wheat, papaya, potatoes, grapes, dates, Indian millet, broad beans, French beans, ridge gourd, amaranth, mangoes, bitter gourd, pulses, almonds, red pepper, chillies, apricots, fenugreek, beet-root, carrot, drumsticks, pure ghee obtained from butter, Bengal gram.

Herbs can help in vitiligo treatment. Herbs which stimulate metabolism are Rosa damascena, seeds of Althea officinalis, seeds of Malva sylvastris, Foeniculum vulgare, Ficus carica, Glycyrrhiya glabra, Vitis vinfera, Operculina turpethum, root of Apium graeolens, leaves of Casia angus tifolia, Zingerbeer officinale. You should take three grams of all these herbs and soak in half litter of hot water. Leave this mixture overnight and cover it. In the morning boil it for 15 to 20 minutes and then strain it. In the morning use it warm on empty stomach. Consume it for 7 to 9 days. It depends on how chronic is your vitiligo.

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