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Coldness and weatherchanges can negatively affect skin and hair, because our skin can become dry and dehydratedand our hair brittle. Some other factors are also responsible for the drynessof the skin, such as central air and heating. That is because they make the airless humid and the effects can be seen on the skin and hair. However, there arenatural ways to solve your problem with dry skin and you can start to practiceit right now. Here we will explain what methods can make your skinlook healthy and become gentle in a short period of time.

Olive oil

Olive oil is an excellentnatural product and it gives amazing results when it comes to dry skin. Youshould apply it on your skin before you use moisturizer, and your skinwill look much healthier. Also, you will see that the itchiness caused bydryness of the skin will disappear. You can even use it as a makeup removal.

Yogurt, papaya and pumpkin

It may surprise youthat some products that you use every day in your kitchen can help you tomoisturize your dry skin. For example yogurt can be used as a cleanser and itwill help you get rid of that annoying dry skin. Your skin will be refreshedand smooth after you treat it with yogurt. Greek yogurt is the best for thistreatment. You can make a mask for your face by mixing half cup of yogurt withthree spoons of mixed papaya. After that, put this mixture on your face. Youcan also see what amazing effects pumpkins can have on your skin. Make amixture of pumpkin (one can) and cinnamon powder (half teaspoon), apply it onthe dry skin area and wait 5 to 15 minutes.

One simple method canbe very effective and that is a healthy scrub. Put same amounts of brown sugarand any oil that you have together, add one spoon of honey and some lemonjuice. When you make this mixture, scrub and massage your skin with it. Afterthat, you should wash of the mixture. When it comes to the damaged and dry lips, honey can be very helpful. For the best results put honeyon the lips when you go to sleep and you will be amazed when you wake up. Youlips will be soft and soothe.

Dry hair

For treating dry hairand scalp, combine egg yolk with liquid castile soap and apply it on your hairand scalp. Leave it on for five minutes and rinse afterwards. This will notonly refresh your hair but it can even prevent the loss of hair.

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