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Natural breast enlargement secrets

There are probably only few women who do not like to have big breasts. It is estimated that the women with small breasts have less confidence than those with bigger breasts since the breasts give a sensual look to a woman, and it is widely believed that the men are most attracted by the women with big breasts. Therefore, many women decide to enlarge their breasts either naturally or in a surgery.

Natural breast enlargement

It is considered that the natural breast enhancement is safer than the surgical breast enlargement, and that it is without side effects as well. The size of the breasts, as well as their firmness, can be effectively achieved by certain herbs and their supplements. It is safer and painless, as well as more affordable and discreet, which is important for every woman.

The breasts start to grow in the puberty and once again in pregnancy, since during these two periods the amounts of the estrogen, progesterone and prolactin, which regulate the growth of the breast tissue, are increased. These three hormones are popularly known as animal hormones, but even though they influence the breasts growth, every women should avoid the products containing these hormones since they may also cause the cells of the breasts to grow abnormally, thus causing the development of cancer.

Safe plant power for natural breast enlargement

The woman who want to enlarge their breasts naturally should use natural estrogen found in certain herbs, such as Saw Palmetto and Mexican Wild Yam, as well as Fenugreek. These herbs contain the natural estrogens called phytoestrogens, which promotes the growth of the new tissue in the breasts. Many experts claim that the women may enlarge their breasts even by 150% by using these herbs.

Diet and exercise

The women who want to have bigger and firmer breasts should also make some changes in the lifestyle, as well as in the diet. Weight lifting, as well as a fitness regimen, is very important for the natural breast enhancement and making the breasts firmer, fuller and rounder.

The women should also pay attention to what they eat since they also regulate the amounts of hormones through the foods. The healthy diet influences the tightening of the skin on the whole body and around the breast in this case, making the breasts firm and lifted. Drinking plenty of liquid and water is essential for the natural enhancement of the breasts as well.

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