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Breast growth and development is very important for young girls and teenagers, and it seems that only a few of them are satisfied with their breasts. It is important to understand that breasts do not grow overnight and that their development occurs in stages, which go on for quite some time.

Stages of breast growth and development

The first stage of breast development starts in early infancy. At first, the breasts are completely flat and there is no difference between a girl’s and a boy’s chest, but on closer observation a thin line of milk ducts can be noticed below the nipple. It is also possible to experience small discharge from this line only a few days after the birth.

The milk line is the termination point of milk ducts and it can be seen in both baby boys and baby girls. In boys, the line will disappear soon while in girls it will continue to develop as breasts and milk ducts develop.

In the second stage, between the infancy and the puberty, breasts show little or no visible development. Undeveloped breast tissue appears only as a mound of flesh around the nipple, but when the puberty sets in, the nipples and areolas appear raised and somewhat swollen. This is the first sign of incoming breast growth.

Each person enters the puberty at different age. Some girls start at the age of eight and others wait until they are 13. Throughout the puberty the breasts grow in size and they are clearly visible from the outside, but they are still far from the shape and form of adult breasts.

The fourth stage occurs at the passage between the puberty and the adulthood. These post-puberty changes occur in the late teen years and this is when the breasts become firmer, with more pronounced nipples and areolas. This stage indicates that the woman is ready for becoming sexually active and for becoming pregnant.

The final stage of breast development occurs during the first pregnancy and the lactation period. As the milk ducts grow and fill with milk, the breasts become larger, and during the nursing period the suction causes definitive changes on the nipples and the areolas.

Breast enhancing methods

Many women are not satisfied with their breasts and wish to make them bigger, firmer, shaped better, and so on. Some use herbs like fennel, kawa-kawa, saw palmetto, ginkgo biloba and similar. These herbs increase the hormonal levels, which results in breast growth.

Massage and chest exercise can also be effective. Massage stimulates circulation in the area, making the breasts firmer, and exercise aims to strengthen the muscles surrounding the breasts so they become more elevated, instead of sagging.

A good bra is very important for the shape of the breasts. It should support them, but gently, without pressing them. A bra that is too tight stifles the breasts, and a loose bra makes them saggy.

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