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Nasonex and the main facts

Nasonex is a medication that comes in the form of nasal spray and it can be employed in the treatment of nasal polyps and symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and nasal itching caused by allergic rhinitis. Since it is a corticosteroid, it can efficiently decrease inflammation and limit the reaction of the body’s immune system, thus alleviating the symptoms of the afore mentioned conditions. However, it needs to be prescribed by the doctor and it should not be used otherwise. What is important to do before using the medication is to blow the nose and shake the bottle. It needs to be inhaled, but it should not be inhaled too deeply because it needs to reach the nose, and not the throat or lungs, for example. Even though the prescribed dosage varies and depends on the age and the condition that is to be treated, the medication is usually taken once or twice a day.

Is Nasonex a safe option for the treatment of allergy?

Regarding the safety, just like every other medication, this one is not a 100% safe either. Some side effects can be predicted and prevented, but sometimes it is not possible and the person will experience them. It should be pointed out that this medication is not suitable for long-term use and long-term treatment, because under such circumstances, it is very likely to provoke some negative reactions in the person who uses it. Also, it is not recommended to share the bottle with anyone else, even if it is a family member or some other close person.

People who have medical history of tuberculosis, certain eye infection or some other eye condition, as well as those who have some untreated infection and recent nasal problems, need to inform their doctor about it before they are prescribed with Nasonex. The use of this medication is not really recommended in people who did not get a vaccine against chickenpox or measles, as well as for those who have not had them yet.

Due to its nature, this steroid can also result in slower growth rate of the child or a teenager who uses this spray, which is a reason more why this medication should not be seen as long-term solution to some problems, no matter how effective it might be. Since it is categorized as a pregnancy category C medication, it should not be used by women who are expectant.

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