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Ear pressure relief

The medical term for ear pressure is ear barotrauma. This happens quite often as the air pressure in the ear increases. This air pressure in the ear is very important for the hearing process. The normal situation is when the inner pressure is the same as the pressure outside of the ear. If the pressure in the ear changes, various conditions may occur. Discomfort, trouble hearing and sometimes even pain are some of the conditions that happen due to heightened ear pressure.

There are plenty of reasons why a person may experience problems because of the ear pressure. One of the main reasons is if the Eustachian tube is no longer functioning normally. This tube is what connects the middle ear to the back of the nose. When this tube opens and closes as people yawn or swallow it helps to balance the pressures of the inner ear and the outside world. When it malfunctions inconveniences like blocked ear, ear pain, ear pressure and hearing loss occur because of the negative pressure which is created in the middle ear. Cold, sinus, allergies and earwax buildup may cause the infection of the middle ear. Remedies for ear pressure relief

There are some remedies a person can use when he or she wants to relief ear pressure. The first thing a person can do is yawn because it will open the Eustachian tube and balance the pressure. A person can also chew on a gum or hard candy to try and open the Eustachian tube. Another thing a person can try is to close one of the nostrils and gently blow the nose. It is important to do this gently because otherwise a person may experience ear pain. A person can always purchase nasal spray to help relief the pressure.

Since sinus infection is one of the things that cause the ear pressure to rise, a person can use some of the home remedies which are used for sinus infections to relief the pressure. A good thing in this situation is to drink a lot of water since water dilutes the mucus. Lots of people agree that a warm compress is the best cure for the ear pressure caused by sinus infection. A person simply needs to place the towel soaked in hot water over the ear. When sleeping, a person should use several pillows so that his or her head is elevated. Hot shower or steam is an excellent remedy for this problem as well.

However, if a person does not relieve the pressure using any of these home remedies, he or she should go to the hospital.

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