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Many parents are concerned about the safety of many over-the-counter medicines that are sold at the drug store for treating symptoms of a child’s cold, especially coughing symptoms.

Therefore, many parents have recently been searching for alternative remedies.

There have been a number of popular cold and cough remedies for infants that were available in stores and have been recently pulled off the shelves by the FDA, because they caused serious health problems for children under the age of two.

Natural treatments

It is very important to keep a sick child hydrated at all times, and even when they do not want to, they must continue drinking water and juices, even if their throats hurt and drinking causes them discomfort and pain. In the case of babies, it is best to stick to breast milk and formula for children that are under six months of age.

Oral electrolytes can also be given to small children. It is very important to remember that babies that are under half a year of age should not be given water, because their kidneys are not ready yet to process the water correctly.

The best thing for older children to drink is water, naturally, as well as dilated juices and milk, which contains a lot of calcium.

In some cases, especially if the child has a lot of mucous, milk should not be given to them, because milk will promote the build-up of more mucous.

There are excellent natural ways to treat coughs, scratchy throats, congestion, and other cold symptoms naturally.

A half-teaspoon of honey can be given to children who are in between the ages of two and five. One teaspoon of honey can be given to older children, between six and 11, and two teaspoons for children over the age of 12.

It is also important to keep children away from some as well, because it can irritate their airways, which are already irritated.

Soft foods like pudding, popsicles, chicken soup, gelatin desserts and ice cream can help children who are having problems with a scratchy throat.

Saline nasal drops can be used to take care of bothersome congestion. This is very important for babies, because they need to be able to breathe from their noses in order to feed properly.

The most important thing is for the children to get rest, and when they are sleeping their heads should be elevated, because that will make them feel better and help with drainage and decongestion.

The best thing to do for a baby is to place a rolled-up towel under the head of the child, or under the crib of the mattress, so that it is more comfortable for the baby.

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