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Anger NO! – Herbs to the rescue

Thinking about anger, not many positive associations come to one’s mind. Not only because of the bad mental state of the person in question, but also because of the possible consequences that anger outbursts may have on the environment surrounding that person. These consequences are further intensified by the nature of anger itself, i.e. by its varying intensity which spans from irritation mild in nature all the way to uncontrollable rage and ranting and raving. If we take a moment or two and think about the possible reasons and roots of rage, what is most likely to come up is that the biological foundation underlying this state actually lies in the fact that this is one of the ways our body is trying to get us in shape for fighting the upcoming danger. Or in other words, this is our body’s defense mechanism against any kind of danger, and the best possible means to ward off anything harmful.

The environment we find ourselves in is influencing every segment of our lives, which is, of course, the case with anger as well. Thus in the course of the years, and in order to fight it off more easily, experts and people also have come up with official names for various types of anger – road rage (traffic-provoked rage), bicycle rage, beach rage and, believe it or not, there is also a type of rage that is directly related to pedestrians. i.e. pedestrian rage.

Stop and think

In order to better control your anger, the best possible measure to take is to hold on for just a second and think about what the possible reasons and culprits for your state of mind might be. Also, in order to reduce and ultimately ward off this unpleasant aggressive feeling, there are numerous actions you can take, like simply getting out of the stressful and irritating situation that is most likely to cause anger to emerge on the surface and remain “out” till you are back to your regular tranquil state. Also, extremely important is not to hold all that anger and feelings bottled up inside you, since that is one of the ways which lead to unwanted and uncontrollable outbursts of fury.

So talk about your emotion, because all this bottled up anger can hit you right back on the face and cause behavior that is passive aggressive in nature and that is not pleasant at all.

Herbs to ease anger

The most effective herbs for anger alleviation are considered to be the following – chamomile, vervain, passion flower, calendula, and lavender, but also extremely helpful is considered to be tea made from a mixture of peppermint, rose petals, calendula, and chamomile.

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